2019年12月 7日 (土)

Review from Poland

Takumi Seino: Piled Distance - Book Apple 2/2019 /

Distance piled; Invisible 2; Adelaide Crescent; Trace - OMA; Violet; Golden Wedding; arabesque; Border - white and blue in July; BA - 26; Smiles June 2016 27 - awaken; Cashmere; 28 - perfect number; 29 - All the things come from; Kindred Spirits; Moon Song - August; The Carrot and the Stick; grapes; Stone Pavement; Cosmo House; Intelsat 45; Path of June; Sky Lantern; Tarascon - Day Dream; Like a New Moon; pomme; fable; Flying Frog; Not Empty Now; Book Apple 30.

Excellent Japanese guitarist and composer Takumi Seino (a graduate of the Berklee College of Music), is an independent musician who followed successively for years following their own path. It operates independently pursuing in various configurations and he takes care of the production of their albums, from mixes, and ending at independently designed album covers.
In 2014, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Big Apple jazz club located in Kobe on Honshu island, which Seino years is related to the artist released the album " Book of Apple " cycle completed 25 thumbnails solo music played on various types of guitars. The album turned out to be so interesting release that after five years of Takumi Seino decided to return to this project, this time adding splendor to the next album celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Big Apple. Analogously album fills the mold, this time consisting of 30 instrumental reasons, forming a coherent whole addictive.
Artist reaching various guitars (acoustic, electric and rarer low-tuned guitar baritone), takes us on a journey painted unreal sound fascinating sounds. Individual songs are mostly not exceeding two minutes, it often only brief impressions. However, they made on the disc as a whole constitute a conceptual terms of dramatic form.
Beautiful motifs played on classical guitar fit the particular nature of the album, are interspersed with improvisations and creative sound experiments ( " BA - 26 "), which constitute not only an excellent cutscenes, but which are in themselves attractive closed tracks.
Seino reaches the songs are also known from his previous albums, revealing their new faces. These include " Arabesque " ( " Flower Flows ", 2013), the title theme from the previous album ( " Path of June ", 2018), which, like the panel in question was dominated by songs revolving around classical guitar music. It seems that this formula most clearly exposes the extraordinary technical capabilities of music, which combines an excellent way Seino with a kind of musical transcendence and spiritualization.
It is in this convention, fully reveals the incredible imagination of a Japanese virtuoso and the gift of creating his playing unreal climate. We see that even in electronics subtly decorated with composition " Stone Pavement ," or beautiful miniatures " Tarascon - Day Dream " and " Fable ."
Featuring stunning guitar technique, despite its extremely wide range of activities including achievements in a variety of compositions and configurations, he developed a unique personal musical language.
" Piled Distance " is the tenth album of Takumi Seino what I had to know. Still, each time when Japan I realize a new album this unique artist, I spend many hours with him marveling at reaching every sound from the speakers. The more albums that Takumi Seino characterized by exceptional care about the technical quality of the sound.
The album was released November 23, 2019.
Robert Ratajczak

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2018年12月12日 (水)

Review from Poland - Path of June

Takumi SEINO: Path of June / 2018 /

Cape; Heath; Lighthouse; Bolide; Hydrangea; Ruins; Brook; Olive; Cypress; Lavender; Fairy; Squall; Cathedral; Station; Crescent; Pier; Path of June.

With Japan, we received the new album a brilliant guitarist and musical innovator, Takumi Seino. Like previous albums artist album "Path of June" was released in a specific Graphically by his own music label, Voice Of Silence. Associating with Japanese music virtuoso of extraordinary imagination and ability to create the climate in each case we are dealing with works of remarkable and escaping any definitions or comparisons. Featuring stunning guitar technique, despite its extremely wide range of activities including achievements in a variety of compositions and configurations, he developed a unique personal musical language.
The album "Path of June" is the material almost entirely improvised, recorded solo on acoustic guitar. Traditionally, the place of the session was the legendary jazz club the Big Apple, with which the artist is associated for many years.
Short, compact songs, each of which creates a captivating atmosphere of a thumbnail, create an intimate atmosphere intimate, provocative imagination. Takumi Seino using acoustic instrument sound paints images like an inspired painter. The individual motifs into one another, forming a kind of single suites, iridescent multiple sound colors.
The artist has managed to maintain an appropriate balance between exposing his extraordinary guitar technique, and climate creations, making music filling the "Path of June" is clear and communicative, even for me osłuchanego recipient.
It's hard to believe that almost all of the material is the result of improvisation (except for the ending composition album title). Guitar impressions and motifs appearing on the album sublime form a set of miniatures, with a specific character and compact. We find in them echoes of classical compositions for guitar by Heitor Villa-Lobos and George Philippe Tellemanna. Takumi Seino shares with us his musical fascinations, serving music filtered by their own perception of the sound space.
Beautiful, full of charming climate album "Path of June" is another in the "Book of Apple" (2014) album recorded by a Japanese virtuoso solo. This time, however Takumi Seino shows his classic face. "Path of June" is a beautiful, graceful and charming motifs iridescent plate full of music for guitar sensitive to the beauty of the recipient.
The album was released September 15, 2018.

Robert Ratajczak

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2018年11月22日 (木)

Review from Holland - Path of June


TAKUMI SEINO - PATH OF JUNE (CD by Voice of Silence)

Here is a new work by Japanese guitarist Takumi Seino, who graduated from the Berkley College of Music in 1996. Over the years – since 2006 - we reviewed many of his releases. All of them came with the recognizable graphic style of his Voice of Silence label. Most of them are solo works, but also duo recordings with Anthoine Berthiaume and Hugues Vincent. The one with Vincent called ‘Last Tree’ was his latest. Later I read about the drama behind the title ‘Last Tree’. His father’s house was wiped away by the tsunami near Fukushima, situated within the radioactive zone. Only a tree in the backyard reminds of former times…. No idea what is the story behind the latest title: ‘Path of June’ as the included information is sparse. It is a solo album of Seino playing nylon strings acoustic guitar. He condensed his ideas in seventeen short pointed improvisations. Very mature and rich music from a very capable player. His music moves somewhere between jazz and classical chamber music. Except for the last track everything is improvised and played as heard, which makes this release even more impressive. Recorded live at Big Apple, a jazz club in Kobe, Japan, where he recorded much of his earlier work. The concluding track, also the title track, was composed. Another fine statement by a musician who consequently follows his own path. Great work! (DM)

Vital Weekly 1158

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2018年10月23日 (火)

Review from Poland - Path of June


ポーランドのウェブサイトに新譜 "Path of June" のレビューが出ています。

Straight from Japan came to me the brilliant new album guitarist and musical innovator, Takumi Seino . Like previous albums artist album "Path of June" was released in a specific Graphically by his own music label, Voice Of Silence. Associating with Japanese music virtuoso of extraordinary imagination and ability to create the climate in each case we are dealing with works of remarkable and escaping any definitions. Featuring stunning guitar technique, despite its extremely wide range of activities including achievements in a variety of compositions and configurations, he developed a unique personal musical language. New album from an artist forever associated with the iconic Big Apple jazz club, the material almost entirely improvised, recorded solo.

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2018年10月 3日 (水)



先日発売された音楽ライター小島智さんの書籍「アヴァン・ミュージック・イン・ジャパン」にて、僕のCD ”Flower Flows" が紹介されています。
萬恭隆、ラリー・マーシャルとのトリオ『Flower Flows』、関連作品としてNEXT ORDERの『LIVE INTENSIFIED』、DROPS TRIOの『Mood For Red』を取り上げていただいています。


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2016年3月 8日 (火)

Review from Holland (vital weekly #1023) - Last Tree




Here's a new release of Seino on his own Voice of Silence label. This time around it is a work of duo improvisations with French cello player Hugues Vincent. Vincent studied classical cello in Montreuil. To be followed by masterclasses with Didier Levallet, Joëlle Léandre, Ernst Reijseger, Barre Philips, a.o., illustrating that Vincent choose the path of improvisation, instead of performing the classical repertoire. We catch Seino and Vincent a in live recording dating from October 17th, 2014 at the Big Apple, Kobe. The improvisations are divided in three groups, named ‘Exposed Dialogue’, ‘Last Tree’ and ‘Enclosed Dialogue’, ranging from 5 to 9 improvisations. Seino plays electric and acoustic guitars. Vincent just cello. Except for one, all other improvisations stay within five minutes. No more time was needed by them to work out ideas in pointed miniatures. In some tracks a jazzy atmosphere dominates, others make use of what sounds as traditional Japanese music, or as modern composed chamber music. With success they strived for a wide variety of dialogues, what makes this a rich and entertaining record. (DM)

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2016年2月 5日 (金)

Review from Poland - Last Tree

ポーランドから新譜「Last Tree」の素晴らしいレビューが届きました!

Takumi SEINO / Hugues VINCENT: Last Tree /2015/

Exposed Dialogue I-IX; Last Tree I-VI; Enclosed Dialogue I-V.

At the end of 2,015 years he released another album, the brilliant Japanese guitarist and musical innovator - Takumi Seino. After the album "Book Apple" (2014), published on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Big Apple jazz club, with which the artist has long been associated, Takumi Seino proposed dose of pure improvisation recorded in the same club with French cellist Hugues Vincent. Like previous albums guitarist, so this latest titled "Last Tree" (2015) released on their own label music - Voice Of Silence.
For several years, watching the actions of Takumi Seino and its various projects.Each time there is a remarkable music and escaping any comparisons. Featuring stunning guitar technique despite the extremely wide spectrum of its activities including achievements in various compositions and configurations, as well as excellent solo albums recorded, he has developed a unique personal musical language. As an artist completely independent and disobedient to any restrictions, each time deciding on projects with other artists, puts above all the strength inherent in mutual interaction and understanding art. When his music the way he met the original instrumentalist and improviser which is avant-garde cellist Hugues Vincent, it turned out that both musicians although zdobywanymi have experience in different environments, together they can create a unique platform for artistic. October 16, 2015 year situated on the island of Honshu club Big Apple musicians decided to record music formed through based on mutual agreement improvisations.
Divided into three separate parts of the album "Last Tree" released a year later documented this special match.
You should know that this is not only the implementation of Hugues Vincent realized with the Japanese artist. Once released in 2014 the album "Free Trees" (recorded with violinist Maria Logofet and bassist Vladimir Kudryavtsev), the musician made ​​a joint recordings with Yasumune Morishige convention avant-garde search for two cellos. Please read and the music, to see how wide spectrum of consciousness improvisational has this musician.
The first nine fragments of plates together titled "Exposed Dialogue" exposes acoustic sound built by innovative motifs cello Vincent, along with acoustic guitar Takumi Seino.
The second cycle: "Last Tree " this, in turn, a musical journey exploring the possibilities of electronics and feedback connected to the amplifier cello, often sounding like an electric guitar. Such wording cello combined with the sounds of a real electric guitar Takumi Seino opens instrumentalists different sound space, revealing new opportunities for joint improvisation.
Takumi Seino during the "last tree II" perfectly weaves the music of Asian melodic motifs, contrasting with the "dirty" parties Vincent.
on the other hand, through the use of sophisticated sensors during the "last tree IV"the guitar sound like a piano. 
the real consolation is the "last tree V" bringing impressionistic motives purely sounding electric guitar with the background of the created by stylish pizzicato Vincent, in this case treats the cello like a bass.
the last , the shortest part of the disc (12 minutes), it recorded additional, forming a sort of postscript to the whole album. "Enclosed Dialogue" fills the five fragments which kind of music sketches.
Thinking about the next after "Last Tree" album which will record Takumi Seino, I am convinced that in the slightest will not resemble any of his previous records, and at the same time bring together the music proper to him alone. How good it is that they are artists in the world, offering the recipient the opportunity to broaden the scope of their own musical consciousness.
The album was released December 19, 2015

Robert Ratajczak

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2016年2月 1日 (月)

13 questions


スペインのウェブサイト、PREPARED GUITARからインタビューを受けました。

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2015年11月14日 (土)

Review from Poland - Book Apple


「25の短い章からなる Music Book "Book Apple"は必読書であり、間違いなく中毒性がある」

As a reminder: Japanese guitarist and composer Takumi Seino (a graduate of the Berklee College of Music), he is a freelance musician who followed successive years following their own path. As an exceptional guitar virtuoso and improviser has been honored with many awards and distinctions, among which it is worth mentioning the title of Best Guitarist of the Year awarded by Yamaha. In his biography he has entered collaboration with musicians such as .: Blake Newman, Jeremy Stratton, Scott Goulding, David Sinclair and power trains such bands as: Khamsin Six North, EBA, Eiichiro Arasaki Big Band and Next Order.
Takumi Seino It operates independently pursuing in a variety of configurations, but in recent years he has custody over the production of their albums, from the mixes, and ending at independently designed album covers. This time musician, he released completely alone, playing on acoustic, electric and baritone guitar. The album "Book Apple" is an album with a unique character, because it honoring the 25th anniversary of the Big Apple jazz club located in Kobe situated on the island of Honshu, which Seino years is associated. This is where the musician recorded excellent albums such as .: "Mood for Red" (2009), "Old Red Chair On The Porch" (2012) and"Flower Flows" (2013), appearing on the club scene in various configurations, such as Drops Trio, composed of Yasutaka Yourozu at the bass and American drummer Larry Marshall. Four days of October 2014, guitarist holed up in the studio recording a series of 25 miniatures music for 25 years in the Big Apple.
Among the short scroll by during the hours of the topics we find both rearranged motifs from earlier albums guitarist, as well as new themes and passages improvised. Although the "Book Apple" is composed of very short chamber music recitals, the individual pieces put together, form a kind of highly addictive entirely in a unique and absorbing character. Instrumental short stories sparkle with the enormity of color, moving up while listening to nothing fancy images in a fascinating kaleidoscope of sound. Seino can enchant not only exceptional virtuosity and his distinctive way of playing, but also be prepared endearing microclimate, much more accentuated in the formula of a guitar solo, with which we have to do on this album.
The Japanese virtuoso charms various sounds of guitars, discreetly supporting the subtle effects only when it is the most desirable. When are sounded the last notes of topics such as eg. A beautiful "Trace" Eiichi " , or rubbing a flamenco "B-612" - regret that this is the end, immediately it turns into a joy it triggers the beginning of another thumbnails: classicist "Double Dozen" and "Scope for Imagination",impressionistic "Simply" Red "is a charming melody" Late Call "."
Book Apple "is an album far from the formula of long, complex improvisational tracks recorded with a rhythm section, to which we are accustomed Takumi Seino on their recent albums. No one familiar with previous achievements guitarist, has the right to feel disappointed - we are dealing with a plate by all means unique. Music book composed of 25 short chapters he is "Book Apple" is essential reading really is definitely addictive.
The album was released on Dec. 6, 2014.

Robert Ratajczak

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2015年9月14日 (月)

Review from Poland - Mood for Red




Takumi Seino is one of the most active independent jazz musicians in Japan. He is a graduate of the prestigious Berklee College of Music, having to his credit a lot of awards, such as the title of Best Guitarist awarded annually by Yamaha. So far published several albums branded with his name, recorded in various configurations. Among cooperating with Takumi Seino musicians, it is worth mentioning such names such as: bassists Blake Newman and Jeremy Stratton, drummers Scott Goulding and Larry Marshall (shared albums: '' Old Red Chair On The Porch ', 2012 and' 'Flower Flows' , 2013), pianist and saxophonist David Sinclair Ryosuke Hashizume (known for its delicious plate '' Acoustic Fluid ', 2012) and pianist Takashi Kudo (known from the album' 'Gratitude', 2011). Takumi Seino over the years appeared in such compositions, among others, formation as Khamsin Six North, EBA, Eiichiro Arasaki Big Band, Next Order or create your own Drops Trio with bassist and drummer Osamu Mihara Hiroshi Matsuda. It was in the last of these warehouses was recorded live album "Mood for Red," which is a collection of tracks made ​​in July and September 2009 in the Big Apple club. The album filled with four new songs and guitarist, created by the entire trio in real time, thrilling improvisations.
Opening the album title composition "Mood for Red" introduces us to the atmosphere very strongly associated with the traditional concept of a jazz trio. It is also one of the finest compositions Takumi Seino what I was able to meet six of his albums that I have in my collection. An intriguing bass lines and subdued drum parts perfectly complement the guitar passages leading soaked with progressive overtones. "Mood for Red" is also simply beautiful melody, referring to the finest achievements of jazz music.
A more sophisticated design is characterized by extensive melodic theme "A man holding the apple," and climate nostalgic, dreamy ballads dominated the teamatu "Half of it". In the latter focuses attention on yourself endearing gentleness lot of bass, for which it is responsible Osamu Mihara. It is worth mentioning that in 2009 when he realized discussed at this point the album "Mood for Red", Mihara with Takumi Seino appeared on elapsed board formation Words of Forest: "It's Raining Over There."
Variable rhythm and a real kaleidoscope of moods accompany us while listening to the longest on the album the song "Afternoon weed",
full of turmoil pace and real fireworks of emotion discernible in parts of each instrument. The five other fragments of plates built on free improvisation, shows the unique power Drops Trio based on an unusual agreement and the unconditional trust of music each with instrumentalists to others. Excellent interaction and individual lots of paramount surprise even the "secret garden", when Osamu Mihara creates a unique bass playing arcade supported rozhulaną Hiroshi Matsuda on drums. Born in 1956, drummer composition Drops Trio more inquisitive listeners rightly associate can rock formation Southern All Stars, successfully operating to this day since the mid 70s.
During an impromptu "Glued up back to back," Takumi Seino reaches acoustic guitar after once again proving its versatility and unique stylistic virtuosity being placed on the border of flamenco.
meticulously prepared and carefully designed compositions to successfully side by side with kilkuminutowymi improvised fragments, making the whole plate which had a great listen.

Robert Ratajczak

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