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2018年12月12日 (水)

Review from Poland - Path of June

Takumi SEINO: Path of June / 2018 /

Cape; Heath; Lighthouse; Bolide; Hydrangea; Ruins; Brook; Olive; Cypress; Lavender; Fairy; Squall; Cathedral; Station; Crescent; Pier; Path of June.

With Japan, we received the new album a brilliant guitarist and musical innovator, Takumi Seino. Like previous albums artist album "Path of June" was released in a specific Graphically by his own music label, Voice Of Silence. Associating with Japanese music virtuoso of extraordinary imagination and ability to create the climate in each case we are dealing with works of remarkable and escaping any definitions or comparisons. Featuring stunning guitar technique, despite its extremely wide range of activities including achievements in a variety of compositions and configurations, he developed a unique personal musical language.
The album "Path of June" is the material almost entirely improvised, recorded solo on acoustic guitar. Traditionally, the place of the session was the legendary jazz club the Big Apple, with which the artist is associated for many years.
Short, compact songs, each of which creates a captivating atmosphere of a thumbnail, create an intimate atmosphere intimate, provocative imagination. Takumi Seino using acoustic instrument sound paints images like an inspired painter. The individual motifs into one another, forming a kind of single suites, iridescent multiple sound colors.
The artist has managed to maintain an appropriate balance between exposing his extraordinary guitar technique, and climate creations, making music filling the "Path of June" is clear and communicative, even for me osłuchanego recipient.
It's hard to believe that almost all of the material is the result of improvisation (except for the ending composition album title). Guitar impressions and motifs appearing on the album sublime form a set of miniatures, with a specific character and compact. We find in them echoes of classical compositions for guitar by Heitor Villa-Lobos and George Philippe Tellemanna. Takumi Seino shares with us his musical fascinations, serving music filtered by their own perception of the sound space.
Beautiful, full of charming climate album "Path of June" is another in the "Book of Apple" (2014) album recorded by a Japanese virtuoso solo. This time, however Takumi Seino shows his classic face. "Path of June" is a beautiful, graceful and charming motifs iridescent plate full of music for guitar sensitive to the beauty of the recipient.
The album was released September 15, 2018.

Robert Ratajczak


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