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2018年11月22日 (木)

Review from Holland - Path of June


TAKUMI SEINO - PATH OF JUNE (CD by Voice of Silence)

Here is a new work by Japanese guitarist Takumi Seino, who graduated from the Berkley College of Music in 1996. Over the years – since 2006 - we reviewed many of his releases. All of them came with the recognizable graphic style of his Voice of Silence label. Most of them are solo works, but also duo recordings with Anthoine Berthiaume and Hugues Vincent. The one with Vincent called ‘Last Tree’ was his latest. Later I read about the drama behind the title ‘Last Tree’. His father’s house was wiped away by the tsunami near Fukushima, situated within the radioactive zone. Only a tree in the backyard reminds of former times…. No idea what is the story behind the latest title: ‘Path of June’ as the included information is sparse. It is a solo album of Seino playing nylon strings acoustic guitar. He condensed his ideas in seventeen short pointed improvisations. Very mature and rich music from a very capable player. His music moves somewhere between jazz and classical chamber music. Except for the last track everything is improvised and played as heard, which makes this release even more impressive. Recorded live at Big Apple, a jazz club in Kobe, Japan, where he recorded much of his earlier work. The concluding track, also the title track, was composed. Another fine statement by a musician who consequently follows his own path. Great work! (DM)

Vital Weekly 1158



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